Do you sell physical products?
No. ALL our products are digital downloadable psd files. They also include instruction on how to use and update the designs.
What do I get with my purchase?
- Hi Res Ready to Print art
- Commercial rights to the design
- Instructions on how to update your design
- Access to our team to help assist updating any design you purchase
*this includes a small fee depending on the changes you need
What is an exclusive design?
Exclusive designs are more expensive and first come first serve. Once you purchase an exclusive design, it will no longer be available on the site.
How do I get my digital download?
After you purchase a product, you will recieve an email with a link to download it. If you have any issues, please email us your order number and we will get you sorted.
Who designs the graphics?
All graphics are created by Corey Thomas. Corey Thomas is a professional merch graphic designer with over 12 years experience in the field. His resume includes companies such as Disney, Marvel, Epic Games, Live Nation, Warner Music, Bravado, and more.

Customizing Designs

Do you do commission work?
We do commissions for custom merch lines. We do not produce any of the physical items, but we can help create a full merch line from the ground up.
Can you help me update the design I purchased?
Yes. Email us at or visit the contact page with your order # and we will help make updates. Some updates could require an additional fee depending on what they entail.

Art Rights

Who owns the rights to the designs?
After you purchase a design you own a commercial license to use the design for your brand. A handful of products are first come first serve.
Can multiple people purchase the same design?
It depends on the design. Any design labeled EXCLUSIVE is available for the first buyer and only the first buyer. Otherwise, multiple people can purchase the same design.
Are there any restricions on what I can and can't do with a design?
You are able to use the design for yourself or for 1 client. You cannot use the same design for multiple people and you cannot redistribute the design as a digital product.

Returns / Shipping

Do you accept returns if I don't like the design?
No. Due to our products being digital downloads, once you purchase a design we have no way of obtaining it back. ALL SALES ARE FINAL!
What is your shipping policy?
We send all products digitally through email. We do not ship any physical items.

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